Monday, January 6, 2014

Starry Eyed Snow Day

We've been blasted in the lower half of Michigan with a ton of snow and really cold temperatures.  So much so, that school has been cancelled for today and tomorrow.  The wind chill factor is supposed to get down to -40!  I grew up in Traverse City, which is many miles north of here and I don't ever remember such cold temperatures.  It will be interesting to see what will happens here with businesses tomorrow with such cold temperatures.  Since we had the day off, I was able to finish my Starry Eyed quilt from the Moda Bake Shop that I purchased fabric for well over a year ago.  It was nice to finally get to it, but it was also nice to finish it because I kept sewing things on wrong.  A lot of frogging happened with this one.  With the quilt top finished, I'll need to load it onto my longarm and top stitch it and then bind it.  Let's see how long that takes me.

In addition to being able to quilt while I've been on break, I've also been able to get to some crochet projects, including many hats.  I'm also working on another project that will probably take me a long to actually complete, but I've got the materials for it all nicely stored in a 31 bag that a friend of mine from the Traverse City area shipped down to me for Christmas.  The blanket is folded in there and it consists of many small granny square blocks.  I've got all of my Stylecraft yarn underneath the blanket.  I love that yarn, but had to order it out of England as they don't sell it in the US.

My daughter also got in on the action and pulled out her quilt that she started well over a year ago and realized that you need a lot of blocks to complete a good size quilt.  She's decided that she is going to make them into a baby quilt and add some borders onto the sides.  Now she'll have to decide which baby to give it to.  For today, she's packed up the blocks and plans on getting back to them tomorrow.  She got the idea for the pattern from the Missouri Star quilt company.n  Our dog Jake is feeling the love in our quilting today and wants to take part.

Hopefully, I'll have another day off on Wednesday which will give me even more time to catch up on my crafts.