Sunday, September 25, 2011

Weekend Progress

I was able to get my husband's quilt quilted on my machine.  Thanks to watching videos on youtube, I learned to use the supreme slider along with my new machine and tables setup beside and behind my machine table.  What a breeze!  I'm thrilled to be able to get back to quilting my own quilts.  The binding is attached to the front, but I have to whip stitch it on the back yet.  I've attached a picture of it before I sandwiched them all together.  I absolutely love the chicadee fabric on the back, especially since that's our street name.  So fitting.  I was also able to get to cutting my fabrics for the Mill's Girls quilt that I'm starting with my web group.  Busy!  My dog, Zuzu was especially interested in what was going on.  The basement is her favorite hang out since the quilt room has a window where the frogs hang out.

Saturday, September 24, 2011

new blocks

Today I tackled another Farmer's Wife block along with a Civil War block.  I've decided that paper piecing is the way to go for the Farmer's Wife.  The Civil War block was tricky and it really didn't turn out the way I had hoped.  To make my day a little brighter though, my daughter bought be a jelly roll of yellows and blacks for my birthday.  Fun stuff!  My other daughter decided to wrap herself up in a bow and said she was my present.  Too funny!

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Farmer's Wife Blocks

Ok...I tried the templates, but apparently for the wrong blocks, so I turned back to paper piecing to finish a block.  I now have 3 of the blocks completed.  These are tough.  I have to practice more with paper piecing.  It's probably the most accurate way, but I hate using bigger pieces of fabric and then losing parts of each piece because it has to be cut off.  I'll try some more this weekend.  Wish me luck.

Perfect Patchwork Templates

I got tired of paper piecing my Farmer's Wife Blocks because my printer doesn't love me.  So, I bought the Perfect Patchwork Templates set S.  I read on another blog that the quilter (sorry I can't remember where) started using these templates.  I can't wait to go to my sewing room and cut out the next block.  I'm hoping that the templates are my answer.  I also got some new civil war fabric in the mail!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Lots of Help

I am lucky enough to be part a wonderful community of quilters online.  They've given me a lot of help and suggestions on how to get my blog up and running.  What fun!  Thanks to all of you that have helped out.  I guess I can start going back in time and show what projects I've been working on and trying to get to finished.  One is a log cabin star quilt that I have made for my husband.  He called first dibs.  The pattern is by Miss Rosie's Quilt Company and is titled Raise the Roof.  I just love stars and log cabins and found this pattern to be a lot of fun.  I still have to quilt the top and plan on getting to that soon.  I'm sure you can see that I've also  used it as my side bar.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

BOM from the Fat Quarter Shop

My husband loves it when I get a package from the Fat Quarter Shop because he loves the name!  So, I guess I better order more to make sure he's happy! I've been able to finish 4 blocks from a block of the month series that they are hosting.  I absolutely LOVE the fabric and have had quite a few comments from friends and family and their astounded I can pick such lovely colors that all seem to work together beautifully.  I haven't the heart to tell them that it's all done for me!  What they don't know won't hurt them I guess.  Check out my 4 blocks below.  I have had fabric left over that I have been able to put into 2 Farmer's Wife blocks and I'll post those later.

Civil War Quilt Blocks

Today is my first day of blogging.  I've been fortunate enough to stumble across a website by Barbara Brackman where where she gives tutorials of quilt blocks along with a little story of history about the civil war.  I ran across the website a few months back, but haven't had the time to get to putting together any of the blocks.  Today I was finally able to get to the first block, which immediately led me to the 2nd block.  I've enjoyed doing these and can't wait to catch up to her latest post today with the 38th block!  I have a lot of work ahead for me, but I get to read and enjoy the stories that come along with the blocks.  It's quite possibly the most I have ever enjoyed reading about history.

I've posted the pictures of my block below and hope to be able to further my blog as I learn how to use it.  Thanks for visiting! :)

Block #1 Catch Me if You Can

Block #2 Northern Star