Thursday, September 22, 2011

Perfect Patchwork Templates

I got tired of paper piecing my Farmer's Wife Blocks because my printer doesn't love me.  So, I bought the Perfect Patchwork Templates set S.  I read on another blog that the quilter (sorry I can't remember where) started using these templates.  I can't wait to go to my sewing room and cut out the next block.  I'm hoping that the templates are my answer.  I also got some new civil war fabric in the mail!

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ConnieB/CA said...

I used Marti's templates a lot when making my FWS, although Set S wasn't out when I made mine. You do have to be very careful when cutting, I put Invisi-grip on the back of mine and that helped a lot. If something goes out of alignment (your hand twitches and the template moves), place another template or ruler against the cut edge(s) of your fabric and slide the template you are using against the edge of the ruler. If you have two edges cut, use two rulers and slide the template into the corner. Make sure you use a scant 1/4" when sewing. Once I got the hang of them I loved them, but they do take some practice.