Sunday, October 23, 2011

Mill's Girls and Twisted Mystery AND Baby pinwheel DONE!

It's been a long day of  quilting, ripping out, quilting and binding a final quilt.  Progress is finally made on my Twisted Mystery quilt from Carol Doak.  I think I'm happy to have one of my projects tops completed.  Now to look into other ideas.  First, I need to quilt the baby quilt and the Twisted Mystery.  I also have another quilt in the works, but can't show it until after Christmas.  I was also able to finish one block of the Mill's Girls Quilt along quilt.  It's a bit taxing since the batik fabrics like to wiggle under the presser foot.  Ugh!  Onward!  After I post, it's off to finish off the binding of a quilt I'll post later.

New Baby Quilt - Due in November
Idea from Missouri Quilt Company Tutorials

Mill's Girls Quilt Along
First Block

Twisted Mystery Quilt
Carol Doak


Rebecca Fiedler said...

Sharon - I love the background fabric on your Mill Girls block. Can you tell me what it is called and who makes it?

Sharon said...

I got the fabric from Connecting Threads. I believe it's called Plumage.

ConnieB/CA said...

Love your Twisted Mystery Quilt. Was it a class? Available in a book? Or maybe I should just design my own from some of her patterns :)

Sharon said...

The twisted Mystery is actually from the Missouri Quilt Company. I watched a video and followed along.