Sunday, October 28, 2012

T-shirt quilts lead to t-shirt yarn

I'm on my 3rd t-shirt quilt.  This one is for my daughter, Margaret, who's graduating this year.  I can't believe she's already getting so close!  As they say, times flies.  We're so incredibly proud of her.

Since I've made a few of these quilts, I've discovered Pinterest.  Dang!  That can really be addictive!  Through leafing through the site, I found t-shirt yarn!  Who knew!  So, as I cut up my daughters shirts, I tried to save as much of the bottom of the shirt as possible.  Through watching a video on youtube on how to cut them up, I learned how to make a continuous piece of material that when stretched, gives you yarn!  How cool is that!  Now what to make with it?

Here's all the balls of yarn that I have so far.  There still are a lot of shirts to go yet.

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