Thursday, April 10, 2014

Comical Fabric Stash

A week to clean up my quilt room and this is what I was able to accomplish.  After looking through ideas on how to store my fabrics, the use of comic boards seemed to be the best solution for me.  I bought the pack of 100 from amazon and didn't really think that I'd need all of them.  Well, today I had to order more.  I really need to do some stash busting.  It's fun when you find fabrics that you forgot you had.  For pieces that were too small to wrap around the comic boards, they're folded much like a fat quarter and stacked according to color.

 I love the way that I can see all of the pieces of fabric that I have. Now to get to the rest of the pile of fabric.  There's still two more cabinets to get to, so I'm sure I'll use all the other comic boards that I just ordered.  Here's a link on how to fold your fabric that I used on you tube.  She decided to use magazine boards, but since I had already ordered the comic boards, that's what I used.  It worked out just fine.

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