Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Table Runner for Charity Event

I started a table runner for a charity golfing event.  It's going to be put into a wheel barrel with bottles of wine that my husband made along with other nice little tidbits.  The charity event is to raise funds for the movement of my childhood home.  The house was built by the founding father of Acme, MI, Leonard Hoxie.  The township finally agreed to save the house but move it about 200 ft north of where it currently sits.  They hope to have it house a park office and restrooms for guests at the park. Hopefully, my dear friend that is hosting the event, is able to raise money towards the $35,000 that it's going to take to move it.
All that being said, a picture of the table runner is below. I was able to raid my stash to make the quilt.  The outdoorsy theme seemed appropriate for the area that it's going to.  Hopefully, it goes to a home that will use it!  I did find the pattern for free online, but I'm' not sure who came up with it.

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