Saturday, April 14, 2012

Timeless Love Story Sweeps

I'm entering a contest and telling the story of how my husband and I met and came together in marriage.  After writing the post, I remembered all the reasons why I married Phil.  I'm incredibly lucky and wish that all other marriages could be as happy as ours has been over the past 20 years, almost 21!  If you'd like to enter, you can by going to this web address .  I had fun reading another fellow crafter's blog about how her and her husband met, so winning a prize would be a side bonus to reading all the entries.  It was nice to hear that there are other marriages out there not going through trouble. :)

My husband, Phil, and I met at a friends house while watching a U of M football game on a small little TV that was barely big enough for both of us to see, let alone all the other people there. We talked and seemed be doing well. I headed home to my small one bedroom apartment in East Lansing (enemy territory for us U of M fans) and he drove home down state. I called my friend and thanked her for the great evening, but she told me that I needed to get off the phone since he was going to be calling. She said he was smiten. After numerous dates, including a night when he spilled beer and hot butter on me, we started to fall for each other or atleadt I thought so. One day, he asked me to take a boat ride with him out on Lake St. Clair. It was rainy and cold, a perfect setup for one person to dump the other. He said we needed to talk about something. I reluctantly went thinking I would be returning home crying my eyes out. We boated over to Ford's cove, a spot nearby where one could drop anchor in calm water dug out by the Ford family many years prior as it sat next to their property on the lake. Cold and shivering, I wondered how long it would take him to tell me we were through. He seemed a little aggitated and I could only imagine why. He went down into the bow of the boat where I then noticed a large box covered in black garbage bags. Me being the pessimist, I believed that he was going to dump me more than just ad his girlfriend. I watch too many crime shows. He returned and came out saying that he was tired of waiting. So was I as I wished he'd just get it over with. He reached in his pocket, kneeled down and proposed. Of course I said yes! He then proceeded to tell me that he had planned for this guy to fly over with a banner, but that he was told the plane might not be able to take off in this weather. But right then, a plane did fly over with a banner that read, "Marry me Sharon". He has never been able to hold out in giving me gifts. Right after the plane flew over, another boat was heading our way. I couldn't believe someone else was out in this weather, but as it got closer I could see it was our friend Jim since he had purchased the same boat as Phil had. On the boat was my best friend from high school, Michelle! Phil and a few of our mutual friends had been in on it the whole time! Years later, Phil had a painting commissioned by a local artist of our boat in the cove with the plane flying over head. We'fe been married 20 years now with our 21st coming up in June! 

P.S.  One of the things I left off my original entry was what was with those black garbage bags!  Inside the bags he had 2 dozen pink favorite color!

By the way, it's Phil's birthday in a couple days!  Happy birthday Phil!!  I love you!


Starwood Quilter said...

I passed the Liebster Award on to you so more people will be aware of your blog. I've included the details in a post:


Lisa said...

That is so sweet, you are both lucky.

Sharon said...

How cool! I haven't been to my blog in so long. Thanks so much for passing on the award!