Saturday, August 25, 2012

I've finished a few more quilts and a few crochet projects.  It was cold here for a couple weeks in August, especially unusual for around here.  But, it put me in the mood to crochet some scarves.  I also completed 4 baby blankets, one of which I give out tomorrow and another 2 I give out to twins that were born a few months early and will be spending the next couple of weeks in ICU.  They were four pounds, so they have a pretty good chance of making it out okay. I haven't seen them yet, but I understand they are quite cute!  My prayers are out there for them for a quick and speedy healthy exit out of the hospital.  The fourth quilt is also for a baby that's already here.  I've seen pictures and still another cutie!  In addition to all of the baby quilts, I made a quilt for my brother Don, who served in Vietnam and recently did a stint in the hospital for a blocked carotid artery.  There were some moments that were touch and go, but he's safe at home now.

My daughter Rachael graciously offered to model the scarves.  I made the gray one for her.

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